Registered Massage Therapy

"Aaron has been my massage therapist for nearly 3 years. During this time Aaron has been an integral part of my rehabilitation from a debilitatingly and chronically sore lower back. As a new father, an athlete, and an office worker who is approaching middle age, my body is no longer as forgiving to the rigours through which I put it. It has been an ongoing process to correct muscle imbalances and a lack of flexibility throughout my body. Aaron has found many problems in my musculature which I didn't know I had and has helped to correct them through a combination of regular massage and suggested stretching routines and exercises. I am now pain free in my lower back and feel "young" once again, but I now understand the importance of regular massage as a part of my preventative care body maintenance in conjunction with core strength and flexibility exercises. I highly recommend Aaron for his ability to provide both effective massage and engage the client in doing helpful exercises between appointments. A+aron!"

- Mike Elliston, Vancouver, BC



"I have been a client of Aaron's for the past year, during which time he has helped reduce the frequency and intensity of my headaches. Aaron's skills are rooted in his ability to truly listen to his clients needs and select the most effective approach with this information in mind. I always leave his office feeling more relaxed and am eager to return for my next visit!"

- Hilary Davies, Vancouver, BC



"Past injuries, whiplash, and bad posture from office work has kept me going for a massage every 2 weeks for the past 5 years. With Aaron as my massage therapist, I've been able to last 4 weeks or longer before I make another appointment and I often come in before I start feeling sore since I believe that massage is a great way for me to relax and take some much needed time for myself. Many of my past aches, pains, and headaches have disappeared and I'm thankful that I'm finally seeing some improvement - it's all thanks to Aaron!"

- Cynthia Evenson , Vancouver, BC



"I have been seeing Aaron for well over a year now and in that time, I have used every opportunity to recommend him to my friends and family. Whether it is for a regular massage or for an injury, Aaron always provides great care, thoughtful advice and a comfortable environment. And I've never had a problem getting in to see him when I need it most!"

- Cathleen Gracey, Vancouver, BC



"Clearly you have been given a talent and you also have a passion for massage therapy. Today I came in with: a headache, sore neck, aching shoulders and pain in my lower back. I left feeling amazing. Even now, having just worked an eight hour shift at a rather physical job - I'm still feeling great, thanks to you! You obviously care about your patients and it comes through in your healing touch. I feel so lucky to have found such an excellent massage therapist who gets to the source of the problem, but still manages to make it a relaxing experience. Thank you so much!

Just make sure to keep taking care of yourself so that you will continue to have this healing energy to share. I really can't get over just how much better you were able to make me feel today. Appreciated more than you know."

- Jen Selvig, Vancouver, BC



"Aaron has been my RMT for the past 3 years. He has helped me through some minor car accident injuries as well as job related back, neck and shoulder tension. I had also booked weekly appointments for prevention and maintenance in between gym workouts. Aaron is very knowledgeable and listens well. Sore spots were well taken care of quickly and easily. When I went to another RMT for convenience sake, I soon realized that Aaron was the best RMT for me because he already knew me well and we had built a good client/therapist relationship."

- April Bellia, Vancouver, BC